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What Our Patient's Says

Tried many hands to cure the spots of my beloved without relief. Your treatment has not only removed the spots but also filled his life with confidence and happiness. I have no words to express my gratitude. May your Midas touch blesses such many lives.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

- Mrs. Deshpande.

I haven't seen such an effective and easy treatment for weight loss ever. I was really depressed after trying so many treatments without effect for weight loss. But Dr Nale Ayurveda helped me like a miracle and I lost my 10 kg of weight and 3 inches in 3 months. Really thanks to Dr Nale.

- Mrs. Supriya

Vitiligo was a heartthrob for me, as my face was affected. I lost all my confidence to face the people, i used to avoid all public functions and gatherings due to those spots.
My cousin Mr Anil gave me the reference of Dr Nale Ayurveda, and what a wonderful effect I had from them!
Now am free from vitiligo and have resumed my normal life once again, thanks to Dr Lalitkumar Nale.

- Mr. Ravi

I carried those spots of vitiligo over my body for more than 22 years. Due to poor financial conditions, my parents couldn't manage the treatment for that, and the leucoderma hampered my social life so badly. One of the neighborhood girl told me about Dr Lalitkumar Nale.
The Ayurvedic treatment gave me magical results and within a year I have recovered for more than 60% of my patches.
Really happy to share this to you.

- Mrs. Nirmala

My mother had an allergic reaction to lead (sindur) over her forehead. I had visited dermatologist for that but it didn't worked, one of my friend suggested me to visit Dr Nale Ayurveda, I did the same, and my mother recovered fully from those allergies. Even now she again has started using sindur over her forehead.
Nice experience with Dr Nale Ayurveda to share.

- Adv. patil

I used to hide my pimples filled face by using mask even after the threat of covid 19 was diluted.
They were everywhere over my face. I was really frustrated due to that. Even after trying so many treatments it was still increasing. Once I saw a facebook post from Dr Nale Ayurveda about the same. I asked for telephonic appointment. Dr Nale explained every aspect of treatment and my medicines were sent through courier to my home.
It worked, like nothing. Now I can't resist myself from standing in front of mirror and watch my pimple free clean face.
Thanks to Dr Nale.
Ayurveda works really.

- Mrs. Varsha

My mother had huge pain at both the knees. Even she wasn't able to walk few steps.
I had tried so many doctors for that. But the problem was worsening day by day. One of our relative had great results from Dr Nale, asked me to go there. I was forced to lift my mother in hands to visit there, but Dr Nale helped us in such an excellent way that my mother is now almost free from thode knee pain, she is able to walk by her alone.
Ayurveda works, And Dr Lalit is a great person by nature.e

- Mr Jondhale

I am diabetic since last 6 years, and on allopathic medicine since then. But still I had no perfect relief from that. One of my nephew gave me reference of Dr Nale. I visited there and I must say I got the result in first night only. I had to wake up for more than 4 times for urination in the night.
But in first day only that reduced to one time only, within a week Dr brought my allopathic medicine doses to half. Am very happy to be patient of Dr Nale.

- Mr Pawar

My daughter in law gave me the reference of Dr Nale for my vitiligo spots.
I visited there and really happy and satisfied now.

- Mrs. Anita